Thursday, April 12, 2018

I Found Egg Island!

I have been looking for Egg Island, a wee island next to Bay du Vin Island & that's in plan view all year round. I was in the sunporch & upon viewing out the window to the east, I saw it!!
I bet you cannot see it right away either.
Look in the centre of the photo, between the evergreens & beyond the bare birch trees.
I changed my lens & zoomed in!

Now, do you see the Egg Island? Beyond it to the east is Fox Island, a much larger island.
The great thing about having all these islands is it protects us much like the coral reef when the water is high & strong or ice that creeps upon the land. I was happy to discover Egg Island & will view it better from a shoreline walk when the weather warms up some more. More snow on Monday!

A glimpse into 1986

 I was in my last year of a two-year Fashion Art course & we made our own body forms to use when making the clothing project, mine was a red linen, lined double button coat with black velvet collar & welt pocket detailing. We were told to hold on to these & through the years as we could possibly gain weight, it could be cut open & stretched apart.

 I gave this a lot of thought & then wanted to do just that! I cut the centre line at the front & back right up to the neckline. My thought was to slide it over my Singer body form to get the right moulding of my 5'2" petite body. I have small shoulders & a sway back & could get the right fit.
My bone structure has not changed just the thickness of my body with weight gain over the years.
 Now the weight gain over the years was a whopping 10" through the bust, 10" on the waist & 7" on those hips! It would just be a hinge fitting over the body form & voila!

 The inside was a knit form that was fitted to us & then paper mache was applied layer after layer till it was nearly dry & then cut off our bodies & put back together with paper mache.
The whole thing took about 3 hours from start to finish.

It really was fantastic to have!

 I made this blouse back in the early 80's before my body casting was made.

 I had a vintage black dress from my girlfriend Edie & some lace. The original blouse was made in a red plaid & I wore it with jeans. This was my fancy blouse with black snaps.
I enjoyed sewing for myself & the kids & have started enjoying the process again.
That is why I wanted to have a proper dress form but it did not work as planned.
I am a petite size & the full form is a regular size which would have fit over my size but not the other way around! In theory, the idea was a good functional idea, just didn't think it through fully.
I tied a piece of string to hold the cut apart body & placed it back downstairs wearing the lovely black lace top from my yesteryears.

This is my Singer dress form with a summer dress that I am working on. It will have long gathered sleeves, to keep the sun off my arms. I'll post the finished garment. The process of creating delights me, I had this piece of fabric & I was going to make a raglan sleeve top then decided to make this dress from a tunic pattern. I added the fabric matching square side pockets to it.

The whole process really got me thinking, I know & have tried to lose weight... several times, probably more than trying than when I quit smoking back in 1992. I have an addiction to the processed food with the right fat, sugar, & salt combo. I'm working on that this year & have had help with a program that the rural community is doing called Fresh4you. You pay $10 for a bag of fresh fruits & vegetables once a month. In the newsletter, they give you the fruit/veg of the month with a recipe. This month was the avocado & how to make guacamole.
This is my first bag & I am impressed & will be returning next month for another!

 I ate an orange right after this photo & made a broccoli salad with sunflower seeds, raisins, & the red onion. My goal is to eat these healthy foods & stay out of the processed foods.
I love living in this rural community, it is a healthy place to be with everyone working together to improve mind & body as we all age.

These two were hoping for something meatier than what they saw me empty out.
I gave them a piece of cheese & all was right in their lives again.

 This small quilt was made last week from Kathleen Tracy's book called Small & Scappy.

I'm daydreaming about seeing the blue water & bright blue skies of summer. It's almost mid-April & we've more snow coming tonight & nasty front moving in on Monday with 10cm of snow.

I did find Egg Island though! And soon the birds will be nesting there again, well maybe next month.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit. I hope the warm sunny spring-like weather is surrounding you, wherever you are. Stop by again, you are always welcome!

Have a great weekend! Tomorrow is TGIF & your weekend begins!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Is This The Last Of The Snow?!!

Winter is still lingering here in a big way. Closures were happening everywhere as we braced for snow & freezing rain. I'm staying put again today.

 On the weekend Bill put on his snowshoes & thought that he would shovel an opening on the back
 Baxter loves going outside with Bill, he is more outdoorsy than Bridget.

 The snow was hard to shovel with a thick layer of ice on top from the freezing rain.

                                                        Baxter just wanted to be with Bill.

 After shovelling an opening at the back door so I don't have to bring the dogs through the sliding window.  Bill & Baxter left to go play 'stick'.

 Today it is still very white & the 60km winds are noisy outside, making the trees sway back & forth.
The winter dance & rocking motion!

 Trees all look like skeletons of winter. I can't wait for Mother Nature to bring them back to life!

 Thank heavens for these strong beautiful evergreens, they sure are swaying today!

This photo is taken in the sunporch which really warms up now with the afternoon sunshine coming through the 8 windows. The sandwich board is protecting the blue muffin bush from the avalanche snow from the many sloping steel rooves.

Some Sewing...
 Block 6 is now done with 7 & 8 to do... tomorrow block 9 is revealed. April 27th is going to be the finishing instructions so I best get a move on getting these done!

                                          These are the blocks so far & it sure has a summer feel to it!

 I'm going to work on these two - Friendship Garden Mystery Quilt - monthly instalments.

Dark earthy colours for one...

 soft rose coloured fabric for the other! So summery & bright!

And another project started, that I'll call 'No Scaps Left Behind.!
A technique that was taught to me by visiting Russian quilters. Hand sewn tiny triangles that one would throw out. These were the bias scraps from the binding of my Canadiana quilt & Mitchell's T-shirt quilt. Which made its way to him last night! He loved it! Thank you, Nicholas, for hand delivering it to him. I still don't know how you fit it in your suitcase!!

 I left the sewing needle on it to show how small the triangles are. This is done in a round shape & would be left at the door or the foot of a bed to ward of evil. I like the design of it & if it keeps evil away ( backwards it spells live) bonus for me!

 I found these at the Coop & purchased them with my food purchase. I'm so hungry for spring!!

 Baxter & Bridget are keen to have some spring weather too! This was their first winter outside & coats & sweaters have been torn with play & boots lost in the snow till the spring thaw...whenever that happens! I use to hate dressing the kids to go outside & now it is too familiar with these two!

 Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I have the firebox on so you won't be too chilly being here & it would be nice to see & feel some sun through the windows. Soon...

A saying like an earworm plays in my head "If not now, when?"
I'm using it to help with my procrastinating!

Stay safe & healthy wherever you are.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Spring On The Inside - Winter On The Outside

We have had 4 nor'east'rs so the snow is still here piled high!
 This is the backyards deck & the snow drifted higher than the railings. We may have to add more snow fences next year.

 The view looking outside is just as wintery, almost half the dining window is covered by the snow drift. I'm so happy to have the evergreens to look at or I would feel like I was living in the tundra!

Thinking of Spring on the Inside ~~~~~~~~

I was going through some spring things & found this old t-shirt of mine. Too small now but the cross stitch is why I purchased it years ago at a thrift shop.

 I did some 'waste away' cross stitch many years ago & know the technique & how much work it is.
This bunny just says 'Spring' to me! And flowers & green grass are hopes of what is to come once this snow is gone!!

 Years ago Paulette, my quilting buddy, gifted me these fat 8th's & have cut into them for applique but now I have an idea as they compliment the bunny & are so spring-like in colour as well!

I cut them into 1 1/2" strips & they're going to be a piano key style frame around the bunny & made into a decorative pillow. My feeling of spring. I love to feel colours & this warms me with a smile.

 So did this little chick, that holds my recipe cards. Don, the eldest son, made back in grade school.
Simple things that I have held onto & smile at Easter when I pull it out. XO

 This is block one from last years BOM Through the Seasons. Better late than never, I made the block on an Easter pillow.  Then after doing the piano keys, I had a few scraps left to pull these two pillows together & add the words Easter Time to the open top of the applique.

Now the two are similar but different & I'll remember I made them together! See bunny's tail?

 It is a family heirloom, Bill's Namama made her linens for her Trusso  & had these handmade buttons on the linens.
In 1990, I made Nicholas his Christening gown from her linens & the gown weighed more than the baby! The detailed raised embroidery with her initials was incorporated into the back of the bonnet.
This Easter she is remembered again on this wee white rabbit.

 Another block of the week is finished!

And another one is cut & waiting to be embroidered down. There are two more in the queue that hasn't been started. It all comes to an end at the end of April, when the finishing instructions are given out. I will remember this quilt as the one that I did during snow storms!

Boston Biscuits

There have been so many recalls on dog treats/food lately that I've taken up making dog biscuits for Bridget & Baxter. I picked up a tray of chicken gizzards & cooked them for hours in water then puree them, that was messy, added spelt flour & sunflower oil. Refrigerated for an hour.

 Rolled the dough out & cut out with the dog bone shaped cutter supplied with the cookbook called Baking for your Dog.  I think I purchased it at Costco many years ago.

 The shapes cut out easy & I used a potato flour stop the sticking.

 There were two full trays of these doggie cookies. The downside was they were not interested in them so I took the dehydrated liver & shaved it off on the bones in the container & the longer they stay there the more they like them! 2 weeks is the life spam if they last that long! I'm going to freeze some too for later when they are able to enjoy the outside porch again.
There were 34 bones from this recipe that I modified.

 Trying to get a photo of Bridget with her tongue in is so hard, the look of Baxter looking is priceless!

 And there we have it, just a bit of tooth!

A saying that reminds me of these two.

   "Dogs are not our whole life,
     but they make our lives whole."
                                ~Roger A. Caras

Thank you for stopping by on this windy snowy day of mine.
I hope your spring has sprung as I patiently wait for spring to arrive here.
Bill & Nicholas will be home for Easter & Bill has been in China & Australia & is now back in SW Ontario Canada. I can't wait to see his face when he sees the weather here! It is to snow again the day after they arrive!

Happy Spring, Happy Easter, wherever you are!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Spring Arrives On Tuesday!

Spring will officially arrive on Tuesday & New Brunswick sure did not get that memo!
We've so much snow now & can boast having the most snow with the last nor'easter with 25cm in one day. We will also be getting yet another nor'easter on Wednesday into Thursday.
I've been sick with a cold & I'm just getting over it now. Hopefully, with my health back, spring will arrive in full force, maybe next week?

 The snow is even higher than when these photos were taken!

 I watch them like a hawk when they are outside now. They do the 'I'm the king of the mountain' & I'm so afraid that they will just jump over the fence.

 Baxter smells the air to see what has been around our house. I'm always telling them, 'Enough, don't make me have to wear my snowshoes!'. That's the only way I could wade through snow that has snow drifts up to my shoulders!
 I'm so glad that nothing lasts & this too will pass.

Passing Time...

 This is a pillowcase to show you the colour pattern before I tore it apart & crochet it with a single crochet, into a rug. Tension must stay loose & the hook must be big to move the fabric that is cut 'two fingers width'. So easy to do & makes up very fast!

 I had some dated old poly/cotton bed sheets that I knew I would never use, so I repurposed them!

 I was really pleased with the outcome. YouTube had perfect instruction & the use of the 'hobo knot' was so easy to join the strips together.
You need a lot of sheet fabric to make a good size rug. I used 3 double flat sheets, one double fitted sheet, & two pillowcases. Baxter & Bridget just love lying on it as I move it around the rooms to capture the sun for them. It is fully washable & an old way of using up & repurposing.

Hard Winter!

 This was the mailbox before it took another pounding from the heavy wet snow.

 It is no longer worth saving after the last snow plough job, I'll take pics for the next blog. ;-(

Even the pull knob has been ripped off by the force of the moving snow!
Winter casualties of rural living.

 It is so nice when the blue skies open up & the white/grey days are brightened.

 It looks like spring will take a while to get here!

 I can't believe another storm mid week!

 Luck for me & the dogs, the snow drifts are left & right & it is like the snow waves parting in the centre!

There is so much snow that it is piled high to & above the great room window!

 I can't wait to see the Anniversary Garden this spring, it too is deep in snow with just the tops of the lilac bushes peeking through.

It has been a good winter for not having any power outages here, there, that's a positive spin! lol

 Rexton is a kitty of leisure & just loves the heat from the firebox.

 Mr Boots just can't find the comfort zone that Rexton has. lol

 It is so cosy & warm in the evenings with a fire going. The old maple tree that had to be cut down for the addition is coming in handy for us this winter.

 Remnants of Baxter & Bridget's toy & bone don't even concern the cats feeling the love of wood fire.

 Bridget & Baxter are wanting to run without freezing their wee legs off! This spring, we will be looking for boots that have slipped off on some of their runs. Dogs with skinny legs, the velcro just doesn't hold on to their boney legs.

 I tell them soon, this will all be behind us & nature will rise up from the ground once again!

 The nest that fell out of one of the evergreens last year, is the perfect spot for the organic blue egg that Bill blew out!
 I just love how the two look like they belong together and it is so spring like to view!

A Day Of Sewing

 Joan is zipping up her body pillow that we made yesterday.

 Joan had been to Scotland & purchased yardage of embroidered thistles. She was able to get six thistles cut out & used three on this pillow.
She is a world traveller & had been to Spain a few weeks ago & purchased a dark brown leather hide that was also incorporated into the pillow design all around the thistles.

The back of her pillow was a beautiful piece of wool that was purchased in Scotland too! Memories of Scotland & Spain are now the talks of her beautiful tryptic thistles in the body pillow!
It was a great day, Marva brought lasagne, homemade garlic butter for a french stick & Joan brought cheese, grapes, a pear, raspberries, cake, & chocolates for our afternoon snack.
It was a full fun productive day! Many laughs were had by all of us & Baxter & Bridget entertained the guests by being themselves! lol

 I've been working on this large flannel quilt this week. Liz (RIP) & I had purchased the fabric for the kit a few years back. She had hers made in no time. I'm just getting around to getting mine done.

It is six large - 12" x 23" panels with six matching pieced blocks that take the shape of mountains & all 12 blocks are put together with mitred corners. Six are done & I have six more to do today, then all the blocks can come together & a border around & another quilt top is finished. I just love the deep dark rich colours of this quilt top.

The block of the week is somewhat behind, I'll post those blocks at the end of the week.
It really has a spring look to it with the wheelbarrow block that I'm finishing up now, then the strawberry trellis, & this week's watering can with flowers inside it.

It is hard to stay positive with all this snow & more snow coming at us again.

I started decorating for Easter & will take some photos to share with you when I'm done.

Enjoy your week, stay happy & healthy as spring is arriving on Tuesday!!

The days are longer now with the clocks springing forward last weekend & the sun is nice & warm when it is shining.

Just this snow...

Thank you for taking the time to visit this snowing part of north east Canada & do come back to see the change as spring is soon to arrive!

Have a great week!